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Seasons to be Cheerful!

It's feeling chilly....again!

But fear not, we have some Winter Warmers here at TEC Towers to keep you cosy over the coming months, featuring selected models with distinct autumnal colours, enjoy...

If you want to view any of these hot little numbers, please contact your local agent or just call us direct on 01453 791 600....you won't be cold ever again(promise)!



Model: Paul & Joe Eden02

Model: Vanni - 1266

Model: Vinyl Factory - Fitzgerald

Model: Dutz - 2149

Model: Plus Eyewear - P1471

Model: Vanni - 1276

Model: Paul & Joe - Infini01

Model: Plus Eyewear - S1536

Model: Dutz - 607

Model: Vinyl Factory - Goswell